Report: Senior Trump Official Lied On Resume, Put Her Face On Fake TIME Cover

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The 35-year-old State Department official falsely claimed to be a Harvard grad, among other exaggerations.

Mina Chang, the deputy assistant secretary in the State Department's Bureau of Conflict and Stability Operations, has embellished her resume with false details regarding her professional experience, according to NBC News — and even printed up a fake TIME magazine cover with her face on it.

Among the exaggerations on Chang’s resume and State Department biography are the claims that she graduated from Harvard Business School — “Chang attended a seven-week course in 2016, and does not hold a degree from the institution,” the university said — and is a “graduate” of a program at the Army War College. That program turned out to be a four-day seminar on national security.

Chang also appears to have exaggerated her experience as CEO of the nonprofit Linking the World, which she says has operated “in dozens of countries, building schools and "impacting" thousands of people.”

According to NBC News, “tax filings for her organization offer no concrete information about overseas projects and show a budget of less than $300,000 with a handful of staff.”

The news outlet also noted that during an interview posted to her nonprofit’s website, Chang indicates she was featured on the cover of TIME magazine, providing a copy for the interviewer; however, TIME magazine spokesperson Kristin Matzen told NBC News that the cover is "not authentic."

Other discrepancies exist in the 35-year-old’s biography: she claimed to be “part of a panel on drones in humanitarian relief efforts convened by the U.N.,” which turned out to be untrue; and Chang said she “addressed” the Republican and Democratic national conventions in 2016 but actually spoke at separate events.

Though Chang does not list an undergraduate program in her biography, NBC News found that "her LinkedIn account mentions the University of the Nations, an unaccredited Christian school with volunteer teachers."

The State Department official’s embellishments are the latest indicator that President Donald Trump’s White House continues to fail in vetting nominees.

"It does seem that this administration has not been doing the same depth of vetting as previous administrations," James Pfiffner, a George Mason University professor who previously worked in the government's Office of Personnel Management, told NBC News.

"The White House goes into very great detail -- 'Have you ever been divorced, have you ever been arrested?'" he said. "Most administrations are very thorough about that."

Pfiffner added that he would "expect that they would check all of the claims made in [Chang’s] bio, most of which would be relatively easy to check."

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Anyone of us could go online and vet this woman and do 100% better job than Trump's minions did IF they even tried.

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