Report: Rick Scott’s Trust Held Investment Linked To Russia's Vladimir Putin

William James

Senator Rick Scott previously held investments in a shipping company with ties to Russia's Vladimir Putin.

Revealed in the federal financial disclosure of former Florida Governor, and current Florida senator, Rick Scott received at least $50,000 in earnings from the sale of corporate securities stock in Navigator Holdings, Ltd. — a shipping company with ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

From The Miami Herald:

Navigator Holdings is a shipping company that specializes in transporting liquefied petroleum gas for international energy companies, state-owned utilities and commodities traders, according to a corporate profile by the Reuters news service.
One of Navigator’s major clients is a Russian energy company with links to the Kremlin. The Russian company is Sibur, whose owners include Russian President Vladimir Putin’s son-in-law and a Russian oligarch facing U.S. government sanctions, according to the New York Times.

The statement filed Friday with the U.S. Senate indicated Scott’s wife, Ann, received income from the stock totaling $50,001 and $100,000, and that Rick Scott earned between $0 and $201 in capital gains income; it also indicated the Scotts no longer hold the stock.

In a statement, Scott’s campaign said: “Gov. Scott no longer has an investment in Navigator Holdings. Regardless, the governor had no role in selecting that investment. The blind trust is managed by an independent financial professional who decides what assets are bought, sold or changed. The rules of the blind trust prevent any specific assets or the value of those assets within the trust from being disclosed to the governor, and those requirements have always been followed. When asked recently, Gov. Scott was clear he believes that Putin is not our friend or ally, and should not be trusted.”

Scott has personally stated that he believes Putin “is a foe” and that he is “very skeptical of anything he says”, breaking ranks with President Donald Trump, who has indicated he puts stock in the Russian president’s denials regarding election meddling.

A financial stake in Navigator became a public issue in June for President Trump’s Commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, who shorted his Navigator stock soon after the Times questioned him about it last fall, the paper reported.

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So what!!!! All the politicians make money in many different ways. The writer of this column probably does to. At least he is not getting donations from Soros or Gates Or China, Big Pharma , like the Democrat party.


Playing the part of Peter Griffin I see.

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