Report: Republicans Will Repeal The ACA If They Maintain Control Of Congress

Screengrab/PBS NewsHour/YouTube

Republicans assume they will try to repeal the ACA again if they maintain or grow their control in the House and Senate.

If Republicans find success after the November midterms and maintain control of both chambers of Congress, they will likely attempt another repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Axios reported earlier this month.

But so far, Republicans aren’t working as hard as they did in 2016 to sell a repeal as they campaign ahead of elections, choosing instead to keep the issue quiet.

"Repeal is like fight club," one GOP operative told the outlet. "First rule is not to talk about it."

Despite the desire to try again, it’s possible Republicans would meet with failure, particularly as their previous attempt was so unpopular and “recent polling shows that Democrats have an edge on the issue.”

Still, it is assumed by most in the party that another attempt will be made if the circumstances allow it.

"I suppose that it’s all in the numbers, and if you had a significant enough shift in the Senate and you came up with a replacement that really did generate a level of support, yep," said Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who opposed last year's repeal bill.

That bill failed by just one vote in the Senate, and GOP candidates are emphasizing the ACA as they try to expand their one-seat majority.

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