(Report) Putin Murdered His Propaganda Chief On U.S. Soil

Buzzfeed news is reporting that Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin ordered the murder of his propaganda chief on U.S. soil. (photo credit: the Kremlin)

The U.S. Department of Justice had reportedly paid for the hotel room where Mr. Lesin died.

Why did the DOJ pay for Mr. Lesin’s room?

Mr. Lesin was reportedly going to tell the Department of Justice about the inner workings of Russia Today, the Kremlin’s international propaganda agency that is beamed into homes all over the United States, almost always pushing a pro-Russian, anti-American line.

U.S. Intelligence agencies fear that the Russian President is attempting to do in the United States, what he has been doing in London, England; surreptitiously murdering his opponents using poisons and even radioactive materials.

“Mikhail Lesin’s battered body was discovered in his Dupont Circle hotel room on the morning of November 5, 2015with blunt-force injuries to the head, neck, and torso.

FBI agent: "Lesin was beaten to death."

After an almost year-long “comprehensive investigation,” a federal prosecutor announced last October that Lesin died alone in his room due to a series of drunken falls “after days of excessive consumption of alcohol.” His death was ruled an “accident,” and prosecutors closed the case….“Lesin was beaten to death,” one of the FBI agents said. “I would implore you to say as much. There seems to be an effort here to cover up that fact for reasons I can’t get into.”’