Report: Protesters Across US Attacked By Cars Driven Into Crowds, Men With Guns


Those who identify as members of “the ‘boogaloo movement’ have presented protestors with a troubling ambiguity.”

According to The Guardian, “anti police-brutality protesters have been confronted by armed men in cities around America,” with some “brandishing firearms or other weapons, some driving vehicles at crowds, and others – including members of the so-called ‘boogaloo movement’ – claiming they have come to help anti-racism demonstrations.”

  • On Sunday, in Seattle, a man drove towards protesters, while several of them tried to slow down or stop the vehicle.

  • One protester who reached the car window “was shot in the arm by the driver. The driver then exited the vehicle carrying a handgun, which appeared in photographs to have a modified, extra-long magazine,” The Guardian wrote.
  • There were many more incidents that day. For example, in Lakeside, Virginia, an armed man named Harry “Skip” Rogers was arrested “on charges of assault and battery after he allegedly drove his truck at protesters, hitting a cyclist,” the report continued.
  • Reportedly, Rogers is an organizer for the National Association for Awakening Confederate Patriots, who carried out a protest by himself in 2016 wearing Ku Klux Klan robes.
  • Other vehicular attacks during protests occurred on May 28th and 29th in Bakersfield, California, and Denver, Colorado.
  • On May 30th, an armed man pulled a gun before driving through a crowd in Gainesville, Florida, and in Minneapolis, a man in a semi-trailer truck “parted the crowd on an overpass when he drove towards them,” The Guardian reported.

Further incidents involving firearms and other weapons have occurred in recent days.

  • For example, on June 1 in Upland, California, a man pulled an AR-15 from his truck and pointed it at protesters. He was later arrested.

  • And in Salt Lake City on May 31, a man was arrested after he threatened a crowd of demonstrators with a hunting bow.

  • Some armed individuals attending protests identified themselves as members of the “boogaloo movement,” according to the report. “So-called ‘boogaloo bois’ are members of a loose-knit, pro-gun, anti-government movement, which is preoccupied with what they believe to be a looming second American civil war.”
  • The Guardian wrote that last week, three former armed servicemen associated with this movement were “arrested and charged over an alleged plot aimed at vital national infrastructure.”

“In general, the subculture resents the police and government agencies who would restrict their access to firearms. But they are divided within themselves on several questions, including racial politics,” the report stated. “While some ardent white supremacists use the vocabulary and imagery of the movement – including donning Hawaiian shirts – others express strong sympathy for black victims of police violence.”

  • Some members of the boogaloo movement have shown up to protect stores from looters, and others have claimed to support the protests over police brutality.

  • Nonetheless, many protesters have distanced themselves from these “boogaloo bois” due to “worries about infiltration and uncertainty about the true motivations” of the members.

“The ‘boog movement’ has many bad actors within its ranks proliferating antisemitic, racist and QAnon dog whistles, either deliberately or inadvertently, but the movement has also scooped up legitimately disillusioned people,” said the spokesperson for the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club, which is a leftist community defense organization. When asked how the group and other leftists should respond to the “boogaloo bois,” the spokesperson replied, “We’ve had boogaloo types show up at events. Usually we watch from a distance because of the risk and unpredictability.”

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