Report: Pro-Trump Billionaire Accused Of Funding Illegal Human Experimentation


William Hartford injected patients with a vaccine that had not been tested on animals first.

The federal Food and Drug Administration is investigating a case of illegal medical experimentation. William Hartford, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, started a test-program for a herpes vaccine of his own invention. In his program, he injected the vaccine (which was not FDA approved) into humans, according to PBS. Hartford died in June 2017.

Hartford’s program completely disregarded all regulations and ethics. Generally, the medical science procedure is to test on animals before human trials. Hartford completely skipped that stage, and now some of the participants in his trials say that they have had upsetting reactions to the vaccine.

Hartford’s company, Rational Vaccines, has said it will comply with federal investigations. Pro-Trump billionaire Peter Thiel was one of the biggest investors in the company. He is of the opinion that governmental regulations on scientific research should be abated.

The patients never signed Informed Consent forms, which is also a required procedure.

Nita A. Farahany, a Duke Law School professor said: “Conducting clandestine research experiments and intentionally circumventing research approval and oversight practices is unethical, unwise, and does not enable adequate validation of science.”

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