Report: Prince Andrew In ‘Constant Contact’ With Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's Ex


Prince Andrew remains loyal to his late-pedophile-friend and is in contact with the woman who procured children for him.

Prince Andrew has remained in close contact with Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-wife who allegedly procured children for Epstein, according to New York Post

The prince, 57, was relieved of royal duties after remaining friends with Epstein and staying in his Manhattan mansion after he was convicted of sex with underage girls.

Prince Andrew has additionally remained a loyal friend to Maxwell, who has been accused of recruiting young girls for the recently deceased pedophile. 

“They have remained constantly in touch by phone and email,” a source told the UK paper. “They talk regularly. If he wasn’t in the spotlight at the moment he would have found a way to meet up with her.”

“Andrew has always been very stubborn and as far as he is concerned both he and Ghislaine have done nothing wrong and so why should anything get in the way of a friendship that has lasted more than 20 years,” the source continued. 

“The Duke has an unswerving loyalty to Ghislaine and she is also very loyal to him. Ghislaine will do anything to protect the Duke and the feeling is mutual. They both share the same view they have done nothing wrong.”

Prince Andrew and Maxwell anxiously await a Monday night TV special with Virginia Roberts Giuffree, who said in court filings that she was forced to have sex with Andrew three times, including at Maxwell’s London home. 

Although Buckingham Palace has echoed Andrew’s denial of the allegations against him, “It’s fair to say everyone is nervously chewing their lips at Buckingham Palace to see what she will say,” a source told The Sun. 

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