(Report) Nomination Of Ghost-Hunting Judicial Nominee Not Going Fwd

Screengrab/Hangout w/ AL Deputy Solicitor General Brett Talley/YouTube

Brett Talley had never tried a case in the three years since graduating law school.

A Trump nominee for U.S. District Court in Alabama who was derided for near total lack of experience has been sidelined, according to the White House.

Brett Talley, who has been in the news not only for lack of qualifications but also his ghost hunting skills and failure to mention his wife is a White House attorney, had advanced through the Senate Judiciary Committee in a 11-9 party-line vote.

The pressure intensified this week, when Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, who leads the Judiciary Committee, called on the White House to withdraw Talley's nomination.

The Alliance for Justice, a left-leaning group that follows judicial selection, said the reconsideration of Talley could amount to "a real turning point, if the White House uses this moment to reassess its criteria for judicial nominations and to put forward nominees who will be serious about upholding critical legal rights and protections for all."