Report: Netanyahu’s Personal Attorney Indicted For Allegedly Laundering $2.2B


A list of former officials have been indicted on charges on bribery and money laundering in "The Submarine Affair."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s attorney and confidant David Shimron, as well as a list of other former officials, has been indicted by the State Prosecutor’s Office in a corruption case aptly named “The Submarines Affair,” according to Haaretz.

Shimron, a former Israel Navy commander, will be charged with money laundering in the case involving the acquisition of submarines from Thyssenkrupp, a German shipbuilder.

Thyssenkrupp’s representative in Israel, Miki Ganor, will be charged with bribery alongside former navy chief Eliezer Marom. David Sharan, a former head of the Prime Minister’s Bureau under Netanyahu, for taking bribes, breach of trust, money laundering, and violating campaign finance laws.

Shimron is accused of money laundering as a part of a deal with Ganor, who asked Shimron to sign in his stead for a deal between the German-Israel Research Foundation and the Credit Suisse Bank in 2013. Ganor and Shimron allegedly presented a false document to the bank to approve the transfer.

The indictment describes Ganor as “acting in various ways, using various public officials in order to promote his business ventures while promising to pay bribes and agreeing on payments for steps related to the roles of those public officials, in order to promote a deal between Israel and the corporation for the acquisition of naval vessels, thus increasing his own profits.”

Although Ganor’s attorneys argued that the payments were legitimate and transparent, the charges against him claim that he “made these payments to Sharan for taking action as part of his role as the Finance Minister’s chief of staff and the head of the Prime Minister’s bureau, for promoting the deals with the vessels. The second payment was given by Ganor to make Sharan act in his favor in his role as head of Netanyahu’s bureau.”

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