Report: Michael Cohen Has Registered As A Democrat

Screengrab/ABC News/YouTube

President Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen, changed his voter registration from Republican to Democrat.

President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney — and former Republican Party’s deputy finance chair — Michael Cohen reportedly has changed his voter registration from Republican to Democrat, according to Axios.

> Cohen went online around noon to the Albany-based New York State board of elections to make the change, according to the source. The move fits a pattern of Cohen publicly breaking from the man for whom he once said he’d take “a bullet.”


> Keep in mind that Cohen has been signaling his break with Trump for months now, after Trump didn't lift a finger to defend him from charges of campaign finance violations over Cohen's payments of hush money to keep two women quiet about their affairs with Trump.

The source who spoke with Axios said Cohen’s move is “consistent with what he told [George] Stephanopoulos on July 2, that constituted his declaration of independence two days before Independence Day, with the key message to Stephanopoulos that now I put my family and my country first.”

> This isn't the first time Cohen has changed his party registration. He was a registered Democrat before 2017, when he became a Republican after being asked, and agreeing to become, deputy chairman of the Republican National Committee’s finance committee with Steve Wynn serving as chairman. (Wynn stepped down amid sexual misconduct allegations.)

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