Report: Michael Cohen Advised Jerry Falwell, Jr. About 'Pool Boy' Investment

Jerry Falwell, Jr. was a business partner of Miami pool boy named Gianluca who created 'flophouse' in Miami.

On Friday, RawStory reported that Jerry Falwell Jr., evangelical leader and President of Liberty University, had confirmed a loan of $1.8 million to pool attendant Giancarlo Granda. It was found that the loan may have been made to set up the young man in business involved with Falwell’s hostel in Miami.

The Falwell-owned hostel encourages behavior that would get Liberty students expelled—the drinking, the smoking, the advertising for strip clubs, the free shuttles to local bars, the possibility of co-ed sleeping arrangements, and so on.

RawStory and Buzzfeed reported that Falwell had previously discussed the Granda case with Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney who has recently been sentenced to three years in prison.

Buzzfeed said there was “no evidence” that the discussions played a role in Falwell’s subsequent decision to endorse Trump for president.

Despite Buzzfeed’s current findings, it’s possible that Michael Cohen may have served to make certain stories surrounding Falwell and Trump disappear.

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