Report: Michael Avenatti Being Held In Jail Where Jeffrey Epstein Died


Michael Avenatti, a trident Trump critic, is being held in the same jail where Jeffrey Epstein died.

Former Stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti is being held in the same jail where serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein died and his defense attorney believes he’s in legal peril, according to Law & Crime

Avenatti was taken into custody last week in California for allegedly violating his bail conditions, but attorney Scott A. Srebnick wrote a letter to Judge Paul Gardeph “concerning Mr. Avenatti’s prison conditions” in New York. 

Avenatti was flown to New York on Friday, Jan. 17, and has been held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in Manhattan. According to the letter, the floor his cell is on “houses individuals charged with terrorism offenses.” “He has been locked down for 24 hours a day, in solitary confinement, except for attorney visits and two medical exams” and “there is an officer outside his cell 24 hours a day and two cameras focused on him.”

Avenatti’s attorney asked the judge that he be moved to general population, “where he has the same ability to confer with counsel as other pretrial detainees.”

“While we understand that there may be hypersensitivity about Mr. Avenatti given the profile of the case, and the recent issues at the institution, the situation is truly hampering our ability to prepare for trial,” Srebnick wrote, alluding to Epstein’s death when mentioning “recent issues.”

Former New York City medical examiner Dr. Michael Baden recently said that the evidence from Epstein’s autopsy does not support the conclusion that Epstein committed suicide. 

According to Baden, the fractures in Epstein’s neck “point much more to murder and strangulation.”. 

The judge has ordered the government to explain by 2 p.m. on Tuesday why Avenatti’s “current conditions of confinement are in place.”

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