Report: Lobbyists Have Spent More Than $13 Million At Trump Properties

Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian / Public Domain


Special interest groups have held or sponsored at least 137 events at properties owned by President Trump.

According to government watchdog organization Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), special interest groups have spent at least $13 million at properties owned by President Donald Trump during his first term in office.

While it’s long been routine for wealthy interests seeking to buy access and influence over a president to do so by making large political contributions to his campaign and allied groups, it’s unique to President Trump that these groups do so while personally enriching him in the process.

CREW estimates that special interests seeking to gain favor with the administration have likely spent more than $13 million at President Trump’s businesses since he took office.

By CREW’s count, lobbyist groups have held or sponsored 137 events at Trump properties so far. The group noted that most times, “it’s not known precisely how much these events cost, but the reports and documents that are available show that they can start in the high tens of thousands of dollars, with most ballooning well into six-figure territory.”

If we estimate that the average event costs $100,000 — likely far lower than the actual average — that would mean that based on a conservative estimate, the president’s properties have made at least $13.7 million off of these events.

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