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Kanye West reportedly has been speaking with White House senior adviser and presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner on an “almost daily” basis since announcing his bid for the presidential seat, according to Forbes.

  • Kushner began speaking to West regularly after West tweeted about his intention to run for president on July 4, multiple sources told Forbes, all the while Republican operatives hurried to get West put on ballots across the country.
  • Kushner, who “also serves as de facto chief of Trump’s reelection campaign,” has also been encouraging West’s delusions that he stands a chance at winning by using what one source described as “reverse psychology.” He has been telling West that he is unlikely to win, Forbes reported, a message that only serves to further encourage West to run. A source close to the rapper said:

“If you know him for more than 20 minutes, you know that will work. He’s just like a kid. The more you tell him he can’t do a thing, the more he’ll do it. . . . he has a tremendous drive to prove people wrong.”

  • In a July 7 interview, just a few days after his announcement about running for president, West told Forbes:

“I love Jared. I was just . . . that’s my boy, you know? That’s really my boy. So I prefer to not drop his name.”

  • Those close to West worry that his unstable mental state is being exploited by Kushner. A friend of West said about him:

“He’s mentally ill. When you have people around him who have the best intentions and don’t need anything from him, you can steer him when he’s in that space into a positive place. When you have people around him who see him as an opportunity, they create a very, very bad scenario.”

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