(Report) K.T. McFarland Abandoned Her Brother As He Died Of AIDS

K.T. McFarland reportedly outed her gay brother prior to abandoning him. He died of AIDS in 1995.

Former Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland reportedly abandoned and outed her brother as he was dying of AIDS according to the Washington Blade and New York Times Magazine.

McFarland is reportedly under investigation as part of the Russia probe. Experts believe that she contradicted herself as she testified before Congress.

A profile piece for New York Times Magazine in 2006, however, reported she “couldn’t abide” her brother being gay. The article unearthed a 1992 letter to her parents in which she reportedly outed her brother, Michael Troia, shortly after she discovered he had AIDS, blamed her family’s troubles as a result of childhood abuse.

McFarland reportedly would not let her daughters see him even though they were apparently neighbors.

Have you ever wondered why I have never had anything to do with Mike and have never let my daughters see him although we live only fifteen minutes away from each other?” McFarland reportedly wrote. “He has been a lifelong homosexual, most of his relationships brief, fleeting one-night stands.”

One of K.T. McFarland's brothers said she was 'evil'.

Also at the time, McFarland’s brother, Tom Troia, of Janesville, Wis., accused McFarland of lying about family abuse in an interview with the New York Post, saying, “If I had one word to describe my sister, it would be ‘evil.’” Asked by the New York Post why McFarland would make up charges her father abused her family, Tom Troia reportedly said, “Evil needs no reason.”

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As a follower of the Intellectualist; I really think that articles like this demean the intellectual nature of these discussions. Whatever this woman has done or experienced in her family life should not be sensationalised for the vicarious interest of those whose no business it is. She may well be evil personified but I want to read about her professional life not her private life or that of her brother. It may all go to explain how she thinks as she does; but we really do not need to know.