Report: Judiciary Cmte. Says House Could Consider New Articles Of Impeachment

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The House Judiciary Committee is continuing its efforts to enforce a subpoena for former White House counsel Don McGahn.

The House Judiciary Committee said in a Monday court filing that it is continuing efforts to enforce a subpoena for former White House counsel Don McGahn in order to ascertain "whether to recommend additional articles of impeachment,” according to Axios.

The new articles of impeachment would address conduct not covered in the two articles that passed the House last week — abuse of power relating to Ukraine and obstruction of Congress.

Trump’s Justice Department has argued that because the articles of impeachment were approved, there is no urgency in resolving the McGahn matter, Axios reported, adding that “the courts should not intervene in a political fight ahead of a high-stakes Senate trial.”

However, House Democrats “countered that McGahn's testimony could ‘inform’ their presentation of the articles to the Senate, in addition to providing crucial evidence as they continue to investigate President Trump for alleged obstruction of justice in the Mueller investigation.”

McGahn’s case is expected to be heard on January 3, the news outlet reported.

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I think they should use all the documented, illicit, criminal, and slimy evidence that Trump and his criminal colleagues have engaged in and have new articles of impeachment presented every other month. Make Trump the most impeached president in history until he is GONE!~


Let's see how they like the waiting game


Take your time. Get it right. Get all of it. Steamroller him. Nixon didn't quit until the tapes came out and even his buddies in Congress knew he was electoral Kryptonite. Believe it or not, the same could happen this time around, if the "hearsay" defense goes in the pooper.


Take the treasonous tyrent to the cleaners !!!

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