Report: John Bolton Told Republican Donors That Trump Is ‘Mentally Unstable’


John Bolton told GOP donors that Trump is "mentally unstable" and Trump allies are preparing a counterattack.

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton told Republican donors that he believes Trump is “mentally unstable” and worries that the president could pull the U.S. out of NATO if he wins a second term, according to Raw Story

Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman first shed light on the development and reported that Trump allies are preparing a counterattack against Bolton and his tell-all memoir that is scheduled for released on March 17th. 

“He’s a bitter ex-employee,” one former White House aide told Sherman. 

A source close to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says that the U.S.’s top diplomat may get involved as a character witness against Bolton.

“Pompeo and Bolton were at war with each other during the administration,” the source explained. “Pompeo thought that Bolton was constantly trying to undercut him and the president.”

However, Bolton’s revelation is expected to make certain that the Senate will call him to testify at the president’s impeachment trial. 

“[Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is] resigned to the fact there will be witnesses,” one Republican told Sherman. 

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Maggie S
Maggie S

Bitter? Replace with thankful.


Ya think he’s unstable? What ever makes you think that?


It would be easier to discount Bolton's comment if it were not so painfully obvious to anyone who isn't in Na-na Land that Trump is...yes, mentally unstable.

Carol H.
Carol H.

I cannot accept that Bolton has advanced in the ranks for as long as he’s been around and nurtured a petty bias against anyone to the extent that he would allow it to control vital decision making! I feel confident that his opinion of trump and Pompeo are rooted in factual data that trump and Pompeo fight tooth and nail to keep under wraps‼️

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