Report: Jared Kushner Has ‘Clandestine Relationship’ With Putin’s ‘Money Man’

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead / Public Domain


There is a clandestine relationship between Jared Kushner and the CEO of a Kremlin sovereign wealth fund.

According to The Daily Beast, in the “last 4 years, Jared Kushner and a Russian sovereign wealth fund CEO Kirill Dmitriev have communicated in private about ways the U.S. and Russia could work together.”

  • Dmitriev “was one of the main participants in the infamous January 2017 Seychelles meeting with former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince, in which the two discussed a roadmap for U.S.-Russia cooperation in the new administration,” The Beast reported. “In the years since, Kushner and Dmitriev have communicated—often at a distance, and at times through intermediaries—about ways the U.S. and Russia could work together.”
  • The conversations have “touched on everything from creating a joint business council to increase investment, to working on a Middle East peace deal, to helping lead negotiations on a recent OPEC deal, to delivering those medical supplies, according to multiple senior officials.”
  • “More than a dozen Trump administration officials, current and former, described Kushner’s relationship with Dmitriev as a byproduct of President Trump’s deep-rooted beliefs that he was unfairly punished for beating Hillary Clinton and that the sprawling investigation into his campaign’s Russia contacts was a hoax,” the report stated.

“Dmitriev came into the picture because Putin was always saying, ‘Talk to my guy because he can help you with the Gulf and with the Middle East peace plan, we can help stabilize,’” said one former senior administration official. “A lot was going on behind the scenes… they kept it to themselves.”

  • Not only have the U.S. and Russia “failed to reach the rapprochement that Trump so badly wanted,” but the two countries “also are now engaged in an active dispute over Moscow’s use of anti-satellite missiles, its attempts to hack into the networks of U.S. coronavirus vaccine-makers, and its efforts to meddle in the 2020 presidential election,” said The Beast.
  • According to a recent report issued by the Senate Intelligence Committee and Robert Mueller’s special counsel report, “after the 2016 election, President Putin himself tasked Dmitriev directly with trying to make inroads with Trump’s transition team,” The Beast continued. “He was particularly interested in connecting with Kushner, those reports said.”

“Dmitriev was the one who met with Blackwater founder Erik Prince in that infamous encounter in the Seychelles. And since then, he’s made a relationship with Kushner a priority,” the report added.

  • “As the president’s son-in-law continued to use his personal relationships with foreign leaders to advance the White House and Trump’s goals, the administration’s Russia policy fell into disarray,” The Beast wrote.

“It all slowly unraveled and by the end we felt like we didn’t have a Russia policy at all,” one former senior official said.

  • Now, “in the lead-up to the November election, the Trump team is focusing on trying to create a situation through which the U.S. and Russia could work together on arms control,” The Beast reported. “But officials are not optimistic about the chances of brokering any kind of serious negotiations. Not at a time when Moscow is batting off allegations that it paid bounties to the Taliban to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan—and is actively interfering in the 2020 campaign.”

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