Report: Jared And Ivanka Have Made Up To $357M Since Entering The White House

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The couple continues to receive millions of dollars from income streams outside the White House.

In 2017, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump made at least $82 million from numerous streams of income outside the White House, Fortune reported last year.

And in 2018, filings showed the pair took in between $29 and $135 million, according to a June report by The New York Times.

All told, the power couple has earned no less than $111 million in outside income since joining the administration of Ivanka’s father. On the high end, it could be as much as $357 million that Kushner and Trump have taken home since taking office.

Kushner retains partial ownership of his family’s real estate business, Kushner Companies — an arrangement that has drawn criticism from ethics experts.

The Times noted that “the firm has solicited investments from foreign sources, including in the Middle East, where Mr. Kushner is a top White House liaison.”

Though Trump “resigned from her leadership roles at her fashion business and her family’s real estate and branding company since her father became president,” she retains stakes in some of those companies, The Times reported.

Together, the pair’s income last year dropped from a range of $82 million to $222 million in 2017 to between $29 million and $135 million in 2018.

The Times said this decrease was partially due to “their divestment of several assets that previously generated tens of millions of dollars in income for the couple, including [Kushner’s] stake in 666 Fifth Avenue.”

Numerous members of the Trump family have come under fire for potentially profiting off the presidency since Donald Trump took office.

Most recently, the president himself appeared to lobby for holding the next G7 summit at his own golf resort in Miami, Florida, and Vice President Mike Pence seemingly went out of his way to stay at the president’s hotel in Ireland.

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Typical Trump, they are robbing this country while GOP lawmakers look the other way!

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