Report: James Comey Used A Private Email Account For FBI Business

Screengrab / David Pakman / YouTube

According to the Justice Department's inspector general, former FBI Director James Comey used personal email for work.

According to a report issued Thursday by the Justice Department's inspector general, former FBI Director James Comey made use of his personal email account at times to conduct official business.

The revelation came as part of the inspector general's findings from a probe into FBI and Justice Department conduct during the Hillary Clinton emails and Russia investigations.

Via CNN:

One of the new findings in the report was that Comey used a personal Gmail account for official government business when he was the FBI director. The report cited five examples, including times Comey sent himself drafts of testimony he planned to deliver to Congress and drafts of bureau-wide updates he planned to send to mark milestones during the year.

Comey told investigators he had no concerns about using his personal email account and device because he was not working with classified information in those instances.

"Because it was incidental and I was always making sure that the work got forwarded to the government account to either my own account or (FBI chief of staff James Rybick), so I wasn't worried from a record-keeping perspective and it was, because there will always be a copy of it in the FBI system and I wasn't doing classified work there, so I wasn't concerned about that," Comey told investigators, according to the report.

Clinton responded to the news of Comey’s private email use on Twitter, saying,” But my emails.”

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