(Report) In Private, Trump Still Promotes Birtherism


An unnamed senator told the New York Times that Trump "has had a hard time letting go" of the birther movement.

The New York Times reported Tuesday that President Donald Trump has yet to give up his belief that former President Barack Obama's birth certificate is a fake, despite his public reversal on the issue during the 2016 presidential campaign.

A senator told the publication that Trump has still not moved on from the conspiracy theory with which he launched his political career. The senator, who was not named in the report, said Trump “has had a hard time letting go of his claim that Mr. Obama was not born in the United States.”

Prior to his bid for the highest office, Trump repeatedly pushed the idea that Obama was ineligible for the presidency.

For years Trump propagated the theory that Obama was born outside the U.S., and thus not eligible to be president. Obama released his birth certificate in 2011 to quell the theory, and roasted Trump over his espousal of the theory at the White House Correspondents Dinner that year.

When asked to clarify the president's current position on what has come to be known as 'birtherism', White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded,

“The president addressed this, this was litigated and certainly answered during the election by the overwhelming support for the president and the fact he's sitting here in the Oval Office today,” Huckabee Sanders said Monday. “He's made his position on that clear at that time, as have the American people in support of him.”