Report: Gunmen Targeted Kosher Deli In Yesterday’s New Jersey Mass-Shooting


David Anderson reportedly had ties to the Black Hebrew Israelite movement, which SPLC has designated a hate group.

One of the perpetrators of a shooting in New Jersey that left six people dead on Tuesday had ties to the Black Hebrew Israelite movement, a law enforcement official told The New York Times.

David Anderson, who engaged in a lengthy firefight with police at a Kosher deli alongside accomplice Francine Graham, reportedly posted anti-Semitic content online. Authorities believe the pair targeted the deli specifically, The Times said. They also told the newspaper that the extent of Anderson’s involvement with the Black Hebrew Israelites is unclear, adding that it is unknown if Graham also has links to the movement, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated a hate group.

The group has no connection with mainstream Judaism, The Times noted.

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop said in a Wednesday tweet that surveillance showed the two individuals targeted the kosher grocery store, shortly after shooting and killing Detective Joe Seals in an earlier encountered in a nearby cemetery.

From there, Anderson and Graham drove about one mile to the supermarket, where they exited a van with rifles drawn and walked past people on the sidewalk to enter the kosher grocery store.

Fulop did not indicate whether the shooting was related to anti-Semitism, The Times reported, but in subsequent Twitter post, he said “hate and anti-Semitism have never had a place” in Jersey City.

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