Report: GOP Rep’s Office Hired Cop Who Helped Him Beat Black Man & Lie About It

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Artivia Tahir

A Louisiana congressman has hired the police officer who helped him cover up an unprovoked assault on a black man

Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) lied about his unjustified assault on a black man when he was a police officer in 2007 and reportedly has hired the officer who helped him cover up the incident, according to

  • Andre Richard was violently taken to the ground by Higgins and John Chautin, a former Opelousas patrolman, after he pulled up outside a house that Chautin, Higgins, and other police officers were searching. In an internal affairs report, it was found that Higgins and Chautin lied in an effort to cover up the incident.

Chautin and Higgins both falsely accused Richard of battery, claiming Richard had grabbed Higgins before the cops took him down.

  • An internal investigation in Opelousas revealed that Higgins had violently grabbed Richard around the neck and proceeded to kick him as he lay handcuffed.
  • Higgins was to be “demoted, removed from the SWAT team and suspended for 160 hours without pay” but resigned amid a second investigation before his punishment could be imposed.
  • Neither Higgins nor Chautin have commented on the matter, but a spokesperson for Higgins responded with a statement saying:

“We’re not going to participate in the liberal fake news Advocate’s attempt to tear down law enforcement and demonize police officers.”

Higgins hired Chautin as a field representative for his congressional office just over a month after he was sworn into the position.

Rob Anderson, a Democrat who unsuccessfully ran against Higgins in 2018 and is challenging him again this year, called on Higgins to fire Chautin. Anderson accused Higgins of cronyism for hiring Chautin and claimed — without citing specific evidence — that Chautin’s job amounted to a reward for lying as part of the failed 2007 cover-up.

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