Report: GOP House Staffers Admit Snooping On Dem 2020 Planning Session

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NRCC staff admitted they peered inside a building on Wednesday night where DCCC staff were holding a meeting.

Staff members of the National Republican Congressional Committee admitted to standing outside the building where their Democratic counterparts were engaged in a 2020 planning session and taking photos of a slideshow detailing their strategy, according to an exclusive report from Politico.

Per the report: “On Wednesday night the NRCC walked across the street to the DCCC’s headquarters on Capitol Hill to stake out some Dem candidates, and stumbled upon what they consider a quite fortuitous find. Dems say it represents tactics that are totally out of bounds, and downright creepy.”

The GOP operatives stood at a location on the street where they could see the slideshow through the window, which they fully admitted: “As we walked to the DCCC, we could clearly see the slideshow titled ‘DCCC California Delegation’ from the sidewalk where a driveaway from a gated parking lot meets the street. There was an ashtray there, so we stood where the sidewalk meets the driveway for an hour and smoked next to the ashtray so we could photograph slides and take notes on polling data. Since it was the end of the workday and a big meeting was starting, at least a dozen people walked past us during this time (Members, security and DCCC staff). No one took issue with us at any point.”

Politico noted that the group claims to have acquired “a wealth of valuable intel on the state of key House contests,” including polling data on California’s 25th District special election, where former Republican Rep. Steve Knight trails Chrissy Smith by just four points.

The aides also viewed slides “that appeared to show the DCCC’s favorites in contested Democratic primaries,” the report stated. "The meeting was billed as part of their Red to Blue program -- the GOP seats Democrats are trying to flip."

In a statement, the DCCC’s Cole Leiter told Politico: “When you have no ideas or accomplishments to run on, you creep in the bushes, take pictures through people’s windows, and invade their privacy. The next time the NRCC is looking for tips on running winning campaigns, all they have to do is call us -- we’ll be more than happy to explain why Kevin McCarthy is the Minority Leader.”

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