Report: GOP Fears Election Blowout, Have Never Seen Dems More Engaged

Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr (cropped)


Republican officials say they have never seen Democrats so engaged and organized as they are this election.

Politico’s Tim Alberta reported Tuesday that Republican officials on the ground believe President Donald Trump could be facing a blow out in the November election as anti-Trump enthusiasm among Democrats is likely to boost voter turnout.

  • “In Michigan, longtime GOP officials say they’ve never seen the left so engaged and organized—not even during Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign,” Alberta reported.
  • Likewise, Alberta wrote, “In Wisconsin, the Republican source I trust the most to know what’s happening on the ground insists the energy among Democrats actually surpasses where it was during the recall campaign against Gov. Scott Walker, something nobody there thought was possible.”
  • Fears that the coronavirus pandemic might suppress voter turnout have been quelled, in large part due to the increase in absentee ballot requests.
  • Alberta noted that “the pandemic might very well be the catalyst for the biggest turnout, both in terms of raw numbers and percentage of the voting age population, in modern American history.”

Jeff Roe, the Republican savant who managed Sen. Ted Cruz’s 2016 presidential bid, told me last month that this was “a fastball election, right down the center of the plate.” With so much polarization in the country, with so much at stake, Roe called the 2020 contest “such a meatball that I don’t think people can resist taking a bite out of it and participating.”

From everything my reporting tells me, that meatball has gotten only bigger and juicier as the election draws closer. We might be genuinely shocked at how many Americans take a bite.

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