Report: Ghislaine Maxwell Hid From FBI, Covered Her Phone With Tin Foil

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Sarah Shaiman

Federal prosecutors fear Maxwell will flee the country to seek refuge in France if released on bail.

Accused child sex trafficker and long-time Epstein ally Ghislane Maxwell allegedly attempted to flee the FBI and hide her whereabouts with tin foil over her cellphone, according to a Bloomberg report.

  • Maxwell was arrested on July 2 for sex trafficking charges linked to the late Jeffrey Epstein. The federal government is hoping to keep Maxwell locked up pending trial to minimize the risk of her fleeing the country. The government is fearful due to the fact she hid from the FBI for the past year.
  • On Tuesday, a federal judge will consider Maxwell’s defenses’ plea to release her on $5 million bond to be on house arrest at her New York home. They argue that Maxwell’s strong ties to the United States are evidence that she will not flee. 
  • Her defense claims there are six people willing to cosign her bond, but they have not been identified. However, prosecutors reiterated that she is still at high risk. 
  • Since Maxwell holds French citizenship, she could reasonably flee to France and not be extradited back to the United States. France does not extradite citizens for US prosecution. 
  • Maxwell is facing up to 35 years in prison if convicted for sex trafficking related charges. She allegedly lured young girls to eventually be abused by herself and Epstein. 
  • As it relates to the Epstein case,

Maxwell had also argued against the charges by saying she was covered by Epstein’s earlier non-prosecution agreement with federal prosecutors in Florida. But prosecutors called that argument “absurd” saying their Maxwell case includes evidence from two new alleged victims who weren’t involved in the earlier prosecution.

The government said its case could become “even stronger” because additional witnesses have come forward since Maxwell’s arrest, wanting to provide information against her.

  • The FBI breached her premises after she was seen attempting to flee. The tinfoil over her phone is indicative that Maxwell was attempting to evade tracking by law enforcement, the only group with the ability to trace her cellphone. 
  • The report also states that Maxwell has “round-the-clock security made up of former U.K. military personnel who fetched things for her using a credit card issued” by an anonymous limited-liability company that also bought the million-dollar property where she was living.

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