Report: George Papadopoulos, Now A Convicted Felon, Mulls Run For Congress


George Papadopoulos doesn't believe his past "mistake" should bar a future in politics and plans to run for Congress.

The former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser whose singular misstep launched the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference during the 2016 election doesn’t believe his part in the saga — or his lying to the FBI — should preclude a future in politics.

In fact, speaking with The Telegraph, George Papadopoulos announced he intends to run for Congress in 2020, now that the Russia business is all behind him.

The British publication interviewed the former Trump associate just days after he was released from prison, where he spent less than two weeks for his crime.

Last year he admitted lying to the FBI about conversations with figures touting Kremlin connections during the 2016 election race, shooting to infamy when the news broke.

The crime earned him 12 days in the Federal Correctional Institution in Oxford, Wisconsin, where he traded his black jacket and t-shirt at the door for a green jumpsuit.

Among other details Papadopoulos shared with The Telegraph, he said regrets lying to the FBI about his contacts with Joseph Mifsud, a Maltese professor based in the UK from whom he heard that Russia was in possession of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

But his remorse appears to extend only so far as the decision to lie negatively impacted his life:

“Of course I regret it now because it’s turned my life upside down for two years,” Papadopoulos said. Asked why he lied, he responded: “I never wanted Trump or his associates to be involved in something that had nothing to do with them.”

Looking to rebuild his life, Papadopoulos said he hopes to enjoy a future in politics, despite all that has transpired since his time with the Trump campaign.

“I’m planning on running for Congress in 2020,” Papadopoulos revealed, making public his plan for the first time. “Now that Los Angeles is home I just have to find a little Republican enclave somewhere in this part of the country and run there.”

“We all make mistakes,” Papadopoulos said, referencing his crime. “It’s not the end of the world to forget when you met somebody a year ago. It shouldn’t preclude my future in politics in this country.”

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