(Report) Evangelical Lawmaker 'Preyed' On Young Men

An evangelical Ohio lawmaker reportedly had a 'secret life' where he targeted young men who were too afraid to speak up

Former anti-LGBT lawmaker Wes Goodman of Ohio reportedly lead a 'secret life'. Goodman's public profile was that of a married evangelical Christian, in favor of standard Republican social policy. Goodman was an avowed family values conservative. In private, Goodman reportedly targeted young men, some of whom have claimed that they were too afraid to report his behavior. The Cleveland.com article notes that some of the young men had looked up to the former lawmaker for help climbing the political ladder. Instead, Goodman betrayed their trust, and reportedly sought sexual relationships with them.

Goodman recently resigned from office after he was allegedly caught having consensual intimate relations with another man in his office .

Another conservative with Ohio ties told cleveland.com that Goodman engaged in predatory behavior toward younger men after leaving [Rep. Jim] Jordan's (R-OH) office, sending inappropriate material and propositioning them via text message and Facebook messenger. The conservative operative said he'd target college kids who wanted to have him as a mentor and were scared to report his sexual advances because they didn't want to damage their own careers.

Goodman targeted young men because they were voiceless. He targeted young men regard

Goodman was seen as a rising conservative star and a good networker who could help young people get jobs in conservative organizations, the Republican activist said. "People never really wanted to come forward against someone in power," the operative added.

Friends of Goodman were disheartened that he was pursuing sexual intimacy with men while simultaneously undermining gay rights.

Hadlock [Mitt Romney campaign associate] and Donnelly [former GOP congressional staffer] reached out to cleveland.com because they were disappointed Goodman would push anti-LGBT policies while secretly seeking out and being intimate with other men. Donnelly said the last time he saw Goodman was at a conservative event in 2009.