Report: Devin Nunes Hometown Paper Endorses His Opponent For 2020


The hometown newspaper of Rep. Devin Nunes denounced him while endorsing his Democratic opponent in 2020.

The hometown newspaper of Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), The Fresno Bee, has endorsed the congressman’s democratic opponent in 2020. 

Nunes, who represents the 22nd Congressional District which includes Tulare and Fresno counties, was accused by The Bee of obsessively defending President Donald Trump rather than supporting the people he is tasked with serving. 

The Bee writes: “Nunes did not respond to The Bee’s multiple invitations for an interview, just the same as two years ago. Per its policy, The Bee will not recommend anyone who refuses to be interviewed by the Editorial Board. That is not the primary reason the board will not support him, however, Rather, it is Nunes’ ongoing defense of President Trump to the detriment of the 22nd District. Nunes would rather appear on Fox News shows than ensure people in Tulare and Fresno counties have clean water, affordable health insurance, and job prospect.”

The Bee instead endorsed Phil Arballo, a Fresno Democrat whose life seems to reflect the experiences of the 22nd District. Arballo is a first-generation college graduate, is married with two young children, owns a financial services business, and is Latino. 

“Nunes has proven time and again that supporting the president is his priority, so it is mystifying that he doesn’t just go to work for the Trump team,” The Bee writes. “Keeping Nunes in the House is probably more useful to the overall Republican strategy. His constituents are the collateral damage in that equation.”

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