Report: ‘Demon Sperm’ Doctor Spoke At A Trump Campaign Event Last Night

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Dr. Stella Immanuel has preached about "evil deposits from the spirit husband" causing physical ailments."

The controversial Dr. Stella Immanuel, who is also a pastor and conspiracy theorist, was featured at President Donald Trump’s campaign event in Texas on Wednesday night, according to VICE News.

Her claim to fame came when Trump retweeted a late July video that featured her falsely saying that the drug hydroxychloroquine was a “cure” for COVID-19, and that face masks did not help stop the spread of the disease.

  • In the video, Immanuel stood next to other doctors, dressed in a white lab coat, and declared: “This virus has a cure. It is called hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Zithromax. I know you people want to talk about a mask. Hello? You don’t need [a] mask. There is a cure.”
  • Despite many one-time proponents abandoning the hydroxychloroquine train — including the president himself, who did not take it after contracting the virus — Immanuel is still pushing it, the report said.

“Hydroxychloroquine works and I believe everyone in America should go on prevention [treatment],” she told VICE News Wednesday evening, shortly before heading to the Trump event. “We take prophylaxis. Me, my staff, and everybody.”

  • VICE News noted that the Food and Drug Administration reversed course on its emergency use authorization for the medication in early July due to “adverse health risks including heart arrhythmia.”
  • Immanuel also has become known for her bizarre theory that having sex with demons causes physical ailments:

The Daily Beast unearthed reams of truly bonkers comments from Immanuel, including claims that a variety of health issues were caused by dream sex with “spirit husbands” and “spirit wives.” The story caused the term “demon sperm” to trend on Twitter, a moniker the Beast later adopted in a headline and CNN used on air.

“They turn into a woman and then they sleep with the man and collect his sperm,” she said. “Then they turn into the man and they sleep with a man and deposit the sperm and reproduce more of themselves.”

“They are responsible for serious gynecological problems,” Immanuel said in a 2013 sermon. “We call them all kinds of names—endometriosis, we call them molar pregnancies, we call them fibroids, we call them cysts, but most of them are evil deposits from the spirit husband.”

  • Immanuel said the term "demon sperm" was coined by the media to make her sound stupid, but she defended her belief, saying it is a "very biblical concept."

“They pulled up my sermon that I did on people that are having attacks from sexual perverted spirits,” she said. “I was talking about demonic spirits that sleep with women at night…They just used ‘demon sperm’ to discredit me.”

  • Trump previously claimed he knew nothing about Immanuel but said he found her “very impressive”.
  • VICE News reported that Immanuel “was invited to speak at the Wednesday Trump event by another controversial hydroxychloroquine proponent, Dr. Robin Armstrong, a physician and former Texas Republican Party vice chairman.”

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