Report: Collins “Grateful” For Support Of Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group

Screengrab / Christian Civic League of Maine / YouTube


The Christian Civic League of Maine lobbied against legislation last year that sought to ban gay conversion therapy.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) said during an interview with the Christian Civic League of Maine that she was “truly grateful” to receive the group’s endorsement this election cycle — a group that lobbies for anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-choice policies.

On Friday’s episode of Dave Daubenmire’s “Pass The Salt Live” livestream, right-wing activist Mike Heath announced that President Donald Trump’s willingness to insult people has inspired Heath to launch his own “Faggots Are Maggots” national tour.

“I’m going to do a world tour,” Heath announced. “The theme is ‘Faggots are Maggots.’ The tour is inspired by the work of Donald Trump. This isn’t satire. I’m serious. I started supporting Donald Trump early in the 2016 primary for one reason: He insults his enemies. He makes things personal that deserve to be personal. The decades of leftists being the only ones allowed to make everything personal are over. It’s long past time for WASP manners to take a back seat to the truth. Long past time.”

“Faggots are indeed maggots,” he continued. “Maggots consume the rancid flesh of rotting dead things. Faggots are no different.”


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