(Report) Canada Believes Trump Will Withdraw From NAFTA

The White House/Public Domain

Actually terminating the trade agreement would be more difficult than Trump lets on, as Congress would have to approve.

Two government sources had indicated that Canada expects the Trump administration will likely move to terminate the North American Free Trade Agreement sometime in late January.

That’s when negotiators from all three countries are going to meet for their sixth and next-to-last sit-down on ways to upgrade and improve the 1992 treaty.

But Trump does not have the authority to end U.S. participation in the agreement. It would require Congressional approval, and at the moment, that seems unlikely to happen.

Canadian officials hinted they would also view such a declaration as a negotiating tactic to try and win concessions, rather than a serious plan to yank America out of NAFTA.

Mexico and Canada so far have rejected nearly every proposal put forth by Trump administration officials in the president's effort to make the trade agreement more fair to the United States.