Report: Brad Parscale Threatened Self-Harm While Barricaded And Armed

William James

Brad Parscale, Donald Trump's former campaign manner, barricaded himself while threatening self-harm today.

Former campaign manager for Donald Trump, Brad Parscale, who was replaced by the President less than four month until November’s vote was reportedly armed with a gun and threatening to harm himself at his Fort Lauderdale home on Sunday afternoon.

Police have not confirmed that Parscale worked for Trump, but records confirm that the property in Fort Lauderdale is owned by Parscale and Local 10 has spoken to neighbors who also said it was the former advisor to the President.

Fort Lauderdale Police responded to a home in reference to an armed male attempting suicide Sunday afternoon. When officers arrived on the scene, they made contact with the wife of the man who told them her husband was armed, had access to multiple firearms inside the house and was threatening to harm himself. She had placed the 911 call.

Fort Lauderdale Police said that the armed subject was transported to Broward Health Medical Center where he was placed under a Baker Act.

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Where are the conspiracy theorists now, huh? Trump's taxes get outed, possibly reveal a $170 million Inauguration Committee rip-off, and Parscale threatens suicide. Tell me "Jeffery Epstein didn't kill himself" one more time. . .

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