(Report) Andrew McCabe Has Been Interviewed By Robert Mueller


Fired former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe also turned over his memos to special counsel Robert Mueller.

CBS News is reporting that former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe -- fired on Friday by Attorney General Jeff Sessions -- was interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller regarding the termination of former FBI director James Comey as well as questioned on his own interactions with President Donald Trump.

McCabe kept memos of his conversations with Trump, and those memos have been turned over to special counsel.

According CBS News' Paula Reid, sources familiar with the investigation indicate McCabe's memos corroborate Comey's story with regard to the obstruction of justice element of Mueller's investigation.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired McCabe late Friday night at the recommendation of FBI officials, to the applause of Mr. Trump. McCabe was fired less than two days before he could retire on Sunday. McCabe has called his dismissal a part of what he said was a "war" on the FBI.

Comey also kept memos from his conversations with Mr. Trump. A federal judge has ruled that those memos should remain secret for now.