(Report) After Tantrums, Trump Consoles Himself With Ice Cream


Temper tantrums and comfort foods were an ever-present theme throughout the Trump campaign.

In their tell-all book, Let Trump Be Trump, President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and another ex-top aide, David Bossie, talk extensively about Trump's temper tantrums and self-soothing with comfort food.

In a particularly colorful example, the pair recount Trump's debate prep for meeting up with rival Hillary Clinton:

As it was, some of Trump’s aides were unhappy with the progress of the debate prep session, where late Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes reportedly droned on about prepping Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush for debates without saying anything of “substance that might help Trump in September against Hillary,” the authors write.

Enter campaign chairman Paul Manafort:

According to Lewandowski and Bossie, Trump exploded at the mere sight of Manafort. “You think I’m a baby, Paul?” Trump reportedly screamed, as Giuliani and Bannon tried, unsuccessfully, to calm him down.

“Am I a baby, Paul? You think you’re so f—ing smart! Like you’re a genius! Well, you suck on TV!” Trump reportedly shouted. “By the time the boss finished, Manafort looked like a crushed blue beer can,” the authors say. “Even Bannon felt sorry for him.”

What is perhaps most interesting is Trump's pivot after he had settled down:

“I’m going for ice cream,” he declared.