Report: 98% Of Fox-Watching Republicans Oppose Trump’s Removal From Office

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Among Republicans whose primary news source is Fox, 55% also say there is almost nothing Trump could do to lose them.

It likely comes as no surprise that Republican voters who consume a steady diet of Fox News are more likely to offer undying support to President Donald Trump, but now there are numbers to back it up.

The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent noted on Monday that a recent study by the Public Religion Research Institute “shows that rank-and-file Republicans who watch Fox are far more loyal to Trump than those who do not.”

The poll offers several fascinating — and troubling — realities.

  • Among Republicans who watch Fox News as their primary news source, 55 percent say there is almost nothing Trump could do to lose their support; however, among Republicans who do not rely on Fox for their news, just 29 percent say the same.
  • Of the Fox News-watching Republicans, 98 percent oppose impeaching and removing the president; among those who do not rely on Fox News, 90 percent oppose impeachment and removal.
  • A full 71 percent of Fox-watching Republicans strongly approve of Trump, compared to just 29 percent of those who watch other news.
  • Overall, 44 percent of Republicans say Fox is their primary source for news.

Natalie Jackson, the research director for PRRI, told Sargent that “Fox seems to be a powerful vehicle for Trump support.”

And because Trump’s “core constituency seems to be these Fox-watching Republicans,” Jackson said, “Republicans in Congress are going to be less likely to turn against Trump.”

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AN that is why we have so much hatred spewing because they all follow behind him letting him get away with crap...Maybe if it was their daughters he accosted, or their children who die as a result of what Trump is spewing, or their money he loses...but probably not because they all have their heads in the clouds or up his Butt




So this only confirms that 98% of Faux News viewers are complete morons.

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