Report: 27 Prominent Attorneys Have Filed A Bar Complaint Against AG Barr

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Artivia Tahir

A group of DC lawyers have filed a complaint with the DC Bar regarding the actions of Attorney General William Barr

A group of prominent DC lawyers have filed an ethics complaint against Attorney General William Barr, former Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger wrote in Just Security.

  • Lawyers Defending American Democracy (LDAD), which was founded by Harshbarger and other distinguished lawyers, had two members of its Steering Committee along with 25 other non-partisan leaders and members of the DC bar sign on to a complaint against the Attorney General.
  • Harshbarger described the complaint as “a meticulously researched legal brief that describes in painstaking detail how Mr. Barr has violated his attorney’s oath of office and rules of professional conduct.”
  • The complaint asks the DC Bar to investigate Barr’s ethical violations and lists the Attorney General’s wrongdoings in a comprehensive “bill of particulars.”
  • The “bill of particulars” addresses Barr’s alleged unconstitutional actions and claims he deceived the American people.
  • The lawyers who signed the complaint are highly experienced and would not have made such a bold move unless the circumstances were extraordinary, Harshbarger wrote. Among the signers are four former DC Bar presidents, former Watergate prosecutor Philip Lacovara, and former Justice Department prosecutor Paul Butler. The list also includes law school deans, prominent legal ethics professors, and distinguished former government officials.

“The public should not stand for more of this misconduct in the Attorney General’s office. At the least, this bar action may help to deter such actions for the balance of Mr. Barr’s tenure,” Harshbarger concluded.

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