Report: 100+ US troops now diagnosed with brain injury from Iran missile attack

Dan Broadbent

According to Reuters, 100+ troops have now been diagnosed with a brain injury as a result of Iran's missile strike.

Following the Trump administration's attack on Iranian General Qassem Soleimani last month, Iran retaliated with a ballistic missile strike on Ain Assad Air Base, a base in Iraq that was houses US troops.

An initial report from president Trump stated that there were no casualties in the attack. It wasn't until days later that we learned that, according to Pentagon officials, some troops suffered traumatic brain injuries as a result of the attack. Trump later downplayed the injuries in a statement he made while attending a summit in Davos, where he said "I do not consider that to be bad injuries," suggesting that some troops had "headaches" subsequent to the attack.

Troops at the Ain Assad Air Base were forced to take cover from the ballistic missiles in shelters designed to protect from rocket or mortar attacks. These were are not designed to protect troops from ballistic missiles, which have a considerably greater amount of energy on impact than a rocket or mortar would. The shockwave from the explosions reverberate throughout the bodies - and brains - of troops who took shelter.

A shelter at Ain Assad Air Base. (Credit)

First, it was reported there were no casualties. Then, there were about ten troops who were being evaluated for a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). That number then jumped considerably to 64. Now, according to Reuters, over 100 troops have been diagnosed with a TBI.

The U.S. military is preparing to report a more than 50 percent jump in the number of cases of traumatic brain injury stemming from Iran's missile attack on a base in Iraq last month, U.S. officials told Reuters on Monday.

The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said there were now over 100 cases of TBI, up from the 64 that had been previously reported last month.

The Pentagon declined to comment.

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