Rep. Elise Stefanik Blasted By Local Columnist For Selling Out To Trump

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Glens Falls Post Star columnist Ken Tingley wrote: “Not only is she not one of us, she never even tried to be.”

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) raised her profile last week by making a spectacle during the impeachment hearing testimony of former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. President Donald Trump called her a “rising star” for coming to his aid.

But a columnist from the Glens Falls Post Star in upstate New York — Stefanik’s district — said the congresswoman’s antics could be her “undoing,” according to RawStory.

Ken Tingley said Stefanik’s sycophantic defense of the president likely would cost her dearly in her district and pointed out that she “swooped into the district despite not living there after a career that suggested she’d rather be running the Republican National Committee than representing New York’s 21st district.”

“After all, this Harvard-trained young woman went straight from college to a conservative think tank in Washington before ending up in the George W. Bush White House,” he wrote. “She never lived here. She didn’t really know any of us… Her exposure to the Adirondacks and the people she represents does not seem to be anything more than an occasional summer dip in Lake Champlain.”

Tingley accused Stefanik of spending more time focusing on her social media presence than representing the voters who sent her to Washington.

“This could be Rep. Stefanik’s undoing,” he said. “Not only is she not one of us, she never even tried to be.”

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She sold her re election hopes !!

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