Rep. Blake Farenthold Will Not Seek Reelection

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The Republican was already under investigation by the Ethics Committee when another former aide made new allegations.

Following the emergence of new sexual harassment allegations, Republican Rep. Blake Farenthold (TX) will not be seeking reelection, according to CNN.

Top GOP leadership spoke with Farenthold Wednesday, at which time his resignation was encouraged.

"Look, I had a couple of conversations with Blake Farenthold," [House Speaker Paul] Ryan said at his weekly news conference. "I think he's making the right decision to retire. There are new stories that are disconcerting. Unacceptable behavior has been alleged in those stories. And I think he's made the right decision that he's leaving Congress. And that reflects on the conversations we've had."

The news comes as the Ethics Committee's investigation of a previous complaint and settlement is already underway, and also follows a CNN report Wednesday that a former male aide to Farenthold was prepared to speak out about the representatives behavior.

Michael Rekola, who was Farenthold's communications director in 2015, described in an interview with CNN new details of the congressman's abusive behavior. It ranged from making sexually graphic jokes to berating aides -- bullying that Rekola says led him to seek medical treatment and psychological counseling, and at one point, caused him to vomit daily.

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