Rent Or Chemo? One Gov’t Worker Must Decide Between Homelessness And Cancer


Without paychecks for more than a month, Quashawn Latimer is having to choose between her home and life-saving chemo.

As President Donald Trump and congressional leaders remain at an impasse over fully funding the government, one federal employee currently going without pay faces a heart-wrenching decision: pay the rent or pay for chemotherapy.

But Quashawn Latimer told NBC News it is not a difficult decision to make — she would rather lose her home than her life.

"Worst-case scenario, we lose our home," said Latimer, who was diagnosed last summer. "I'll be evicted and I'll have to go stay with friends or family or something. That's worst-case. And that's next month. Can't negotiate with my chemo. That has to happen. So if it's chemo or the rent, chemo wins."

The wife and mother is in the process of battling stage 2 cancer.

"I still have medical expenses that are not covered by insurance," she said. "Although my husband is a postal worker, we still need [money for] those miscellaneous expenses that come with having this medical thing, this disease called cancer."

Latimer declined to say which federal agency she works for but has been employed by the government for 11 years.

"Real-life people are being affected with real-life day-to-day decisions," Latimer said. "It's just unfortunate. It just seems so unnecessary and uncalled for, and it's frustrating. And it's like we don't even have a say in it."

If you wish to donate toward Latimer’s chemotherapy expenses, find more information here.


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