Reminder: Trump’s Grandfather Was Also A Draft-Dodger

William James

Trump's grandfather was banished from Germany after he failed to honor his mandatory service requirement.

President Donald Trump's paternal grandfather was banished from Germany after he failed to honor his mandatory service requirement to the German Empire. He was banished by royal decree.via the Guardian:

The decree orders the “American citizen and pensioner Friedrich Trump” to leave the area “at the very latest on 1 May ... or else expect to be deported”. Bild called the archive find an “unspectacular piece of paper”, that had nevertheless “changed world history”.

Prior to his banishment, Friedrich Trump left Germany at age 16 in order to take advantage of the Alaska gold rush. While in Alaska, Trump allegedly ran a brothel where he was sometimes paid in gold.

He quickly turned his attention to catering for the masses of other gold hunters in Alaska, later allegedly running a brothel for them, and there made his fortune. He habitually sent the gold nuggets with which his customers regularly paid for their food to his sisters who had already emigrated to New York and had started trading in property.

Following the gold rush, Trump attempted to return to his native Germany, but the country would not have him since he had failed to serve in the German military. Consequently, he was sentenced to the punishment of banishment. Trump attempted to reverse the banishment decree by appealing to a local German Prince, but the Prince wouldn't help him.

In an effort to overturn the royal decree dated 27 February 1905, Trump wrote an obsequious letter appealing to Prince Regent Luitpold, addressing him as “the much-loved, noble, wise and righteous sovereign and sublime ruler”.

In the end, Trump left Germany with his newly pregnant German wife. She was pregnant with Donald Trump's father, Fred. They ended up settling in New York City and the rest is history.

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like father like son. Just stop trump

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