Reminder: Trump Family Accused Of Swindling Children's Cancer Charity

Eric Trump.Screengrab / ABC News / YouTube


President Donald Trump reportedly funneled money meant for St. Jude’s cancer hospital to his own private business.

President Donald Trump reportedly funneled money meant for St. Jude’s cancer hospital to his own private business (the Trump Organization) using his son’s charity as an intermediary entity for the transaction, according to a bombshell story issued by Forbes in 2017.

For a decade, Eric Trump’s charity hosted an annual golf tournament that indeed raised millions of dollars for the hospital.

However, Forbes claims that President Donald Trump siphoned $100,000 from his son’s charity and considered it “revenue” for the Trump Organization. The donors were told that all of the money donated would go to charity.

The President claimed that these payments were for costs incurred by the Trump Organization for holding the charities. Trump reportedly authorized these expense reimbursements. In addition, during the same 10 year period, the President allegedly redirected $500,000 of charity money intended for St. Jude’s cancer hospital to other charities.

Trump’s expense reimbursement and his redirection of charity money are against the New York and federal laws dealing with self-dealing and misleading the donors of charities.

In December 2016, then President-elect Trump said he was unwinding his New York charity. According to New York’s then attorney general Eric Schneiderman (he resigned from office in May 2018), Trump lacked the legal certification for operating a charity in the State of New York, meaning Trump’s charity was not operating legally. Schneiderman opened an investigation into Trump’s charity.​

In June 2018, Donald Trump and his children were formally sued by the State of New York due to the Trump Foundation's persistent pattern of illegal behavior. In December 2018, the New York Attorney general shut down the Trump Foundation after discovering a “a shocking pattern of illegality.”

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