Religious Studies Prof Is Voting Against Trump For His Contempt For Christianity

Screengrab / Republicans Voters Against Trump / YouTube


"What do we say about a man who holds up a Bible for a photo op and then tramples it with his life?"

Jeff Lyon, a professor of religious studies at the University of Hawaii and life-long Republican voter, appeared in a Republicans Voters Against Trump (RVAT) video to say he is voting against President Donald Trump because of the contempt he shows for Christian teachings.

  • “I was a Republican well before my first presidential election in 1972, and yes, I did vote for Nixon,” Lyon said. “I voted for Ford, Reagan, Bush Sr., Bush Jr.”
  • “Republican priorities — fiscal responsibility, clear and determined foreign policy, and fidelity to the vision of the founding fathers — have always resonated with me,” the professor continued, before moving on to the president.
  • “I want to talk about Donald Trump and religion,” he said. “I am not only a professor of religious studies, I am a Christian. Not any particular brand but I take it seriously.”
  • Lyon cited numerous Christian beliefs, including forgiveness, repentance and truth-telling, and then examined Trump’s record on such matters.
  • “Donald Trump has not only betrayed our country,” he said, “but our religion. He has no clue what it means to follow Jesus.”
  • “Jesus taught us that we would know a tree by its fruit,” Lyon said. “What do we think of the fruit that grows on the Trump tree?”

“Both prophets and apostles warned of proud, lying boasters who would lead many astray. Trump is a liar and a braggart who promises anything to get votes, and is quite willing to let us go on thinking he’s a Christian so long as we don’t expect him to act like one.”

  • "I have never voted for a presidential candidate based on his or her religion, but I will vote against Donald Trump for the contempt that he shows for mine,” he said.
  • “It is we, who call ourselves Christians, who have put him” in the White House, Lyon concluded. “And it is now we who must put him out.”



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