Reagan Foundation Tells Trump Campaign, RNC To Stop Using Reagan’s Image

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The Republican National Committee agreed to stop using Ronald Reagan to solicit donations for Trump's reelection.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute has formally asked the Trump campaign and Republican National Committee to stop using former President Reagan’s name and image to raise funds, according to a Washington Post report.

  • The request came after the Trump Make America Great Again Committee sent an email “signed” by President Trump urging donors to gift $45 dollars or more in exchange for two coins, one engraved with Trump’s image and the other with Reagan’s likeness.
  • Reagan Foundation chief marketing officer Melissa Giller said the RNC agreed during a call last week to stop using Reagan’s likeness to solicit donations.
  • The foundation was granted sole legal rights to the use of Reagan and his wife’s images and names. The foundation is within its legal right to take legal action against organizations that use Reagan and his wife for commercial and political gains.
  • Since some of the coins were already sold, this may require further legal action from the Reagan Foundation, according to the report.
  • Trump has often invoked Reagan’s likeness to draw parallels between their ideologies and visions of America.

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