Ralph Reed: We Must Re-Elect Trump To Ensure Christian Supremacy In Politics

Screengrab / The Eric Metaxas Radio Show / YouTube

Julie Zheng

Ralph Reed: We must reelect Trump to preserve Christian supremacy in politics.

Ralph Reed, a right-wing activist and former head of the Christian Coalition, called to reelect President Donald Trump in order to ensure that Christians are “the top and not the bottom of our political system."

  • The Friendly Atheist reported that Reed’s comments came during an “Evangelicals for Trump” rally on Thursday in Alpharetta, Georgia.
  • “Not just to reelect him, but to glorify God and make sure Christians are the head and not the tail, and the top and not the bottom, of our political system,” Reed said.

  • Instead of demanding religious freedom for everyone, Reed focused on right-wing evangelicals — a group that has never been “at the bottom of any power structure in U.S. society,” The Friendly Atheist noted.

“We’re currently living through four years of white evangelical rule. Our society is a sadder, poorer, more dangerous place by any standard you choose. … They won’t rest until we’re living in an evangelical Christian theocracy,” the publication concluded.

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