Rally Attendee: If I Get Infected, I Can Just Take Hydroxychloroquine

William James

Trump's fans think hydroxychloroquine is efficacious medicine for Coronavirus.

​At last night's rally, Trump supporter Jason Yeadon said he wasn't concerned about being infected with COVID-19 since he would take hydroxychloroquine like Trump said to.

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The thing that stumps me with this kind of Trump supporter --and there are many, many of them--is that it has to take real work, consistent effort, focus and energy, to stay this ignorant. You have to maintain your obliviousness in the face of a constant stream of disappointing truth, you have to dream up or parrot ridiculous explanations for obvious nonsense, to keep from learning. You have to aggressively screen out anything factual or logical. How do they maintain it all?


Good luck you fool, it will be your demise!

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