Racist 'Karen' In Florida Repeatedly Yells Racial Slurs At Black Landscapers

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The woman repeatedly yelled racial slurs at Black members of a landscaping crew in a video that has gone viral.

A Florida woman was recorded yelling racial slurs at landscapers last week in a video that has since gone viral, according to The Hill.

  • The video shows the woman walking up to the Black landscapers, who kept trying to distance themselves, yelling at them and referring to them as “f----ing bitch” and “f----ing n----- bitch.”
  • The woman referred to them using the N-word repeatedly and proceeded to continue to verbally assault them after they asked to be left alone.
  • The Hill reported that at one point in the video, “another man in the neighborhood appeared to try to intervene, telling the loud woman she was ‘disturbing’ him. She then repeatedly called him a ‘f---ing bitch.’”
  • Antonio Harris, a foreman with the business, and his brother, Antione Harris, a supervisor, both said the crew tried to calm the woman down; however, Antoine said, “the more we tried to calm her down, the more irate she got.”
  • One of the brothers said they believed the woman might have a mental health issue, according to The Hill.
  • Brandon Cordova, one of the landscapers, told the Orlando Sentinel that they still don’t know what set the woman off. He said:

“We were just trying to figure out what the hell we did to this lady, trying to make it right. ... She was in my coworker's face ... just going off. ... She was trying to say all those hateful things, and they weren’t even being bothered — they were joking around. The more they were joking around, the more she got mad.”

  • Cordova added that he hoped “the message isn’t, 'Look at this crazy lady' or something to inspire more hate.”

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Should have called 911...and been shot

White and angry
White and angry

I am a white grandmother, age 72, and I would love to punch that woman right in the face.


Report her Real Name - stop bullying Karens who have nothing to do with this.


It hurts my heart to share air with people like her. She apparently lives a very miserable existence. Also, I think she was drunk or she's off her psyche meds. That is soooo not normal behavior.


stupid cracker bitch

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