Qatar Claims It Accidentally Bailed Out Kushner’s 666 5th Ave Building


They claim their bailout of Jared Kushner’s building was done “unwittingly” and without their knowledge.

According to Reuters, Jared Kushner, a senior White House advisor, was closely allied to the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The Prince was a key player in the regional boycott against Qatar, which Riyadh says is a sponsor of terrorism. Doha denies this.

Last year, Brookefield, a global property investor in which the government of Qatar has invested, bailed out Kushner’s 666 Fifth Avenue tower in Manhattan.

Although Doha played no part in the bailout, it has prompted a reconsideration of how the kingdom will invest its money abroad. The bailout angered Doha because Kushner is a part of the Trump family, which supports the Saudi crown Prince.

“Qatar started looking into how its name got involved into the deal and found out it was because of a fund it co-owned,” said a sources. “So QIA ultimately triggered a strategy revamp.”

This revamp could have large implications for global investments, because QIA is one of the largest state investors in the world.