Putin, Like Trump, Regularly Demeans U.S. Military Sacrifices

Kremlin.ru / CC BY 4.0


Russian Foreign Ministry attempted to discount the efforts of U.S. troops made on D-Day, a turning point in WW2.

On the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published on Twitter a post that downplayed the sacrifice and efforts of the heroes from the Western Allies that won D-Day, according to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Twitter.

The Russian MFA said, “The Normandy landings were not a game-changer for the outcome of WWII and the Great Patriotic War.” They claimed the Red Army's victories are what won the war and that the UK and US simply dragged out the war on the western front.

The victory on D-Day has long been celebrated by memorials, celebrations, and political speeches. The important Russian victories on the eastern front have sometimes been overlooked, but that is no reason to downplay the importance of the battles fought and sacrifices made on D-Day. This blatant attack by Russia on the memories and sacrifices of those who died on this day is ridiculous.

D-Day, the Allied invasion in Normandy on June 6,1944, turned the tide of the war, according to The Week.

After years of being on the defensive, D-Day was the first major offensive by the Allies in taking back control of Europe. Having a foothold on the beaches in France was crucial to launching a full scale assault on Nazis Germany from both the west and the east. “Without D-Day, Adolf Hitler would have deployed many more divisions to resist the Red Army,” says The Independent. “He would have had more time to develop, and deploy, his modern weapon of terror, the V2...The War might have continued indefinitely.”

Without U.S. economic support in Russia and U.S. pressure on the western front of the war, World War II would never have been won.

The anniversary was celebrated in a special ceremony by former Prime Minister Theresa May, the Queen, and President Trump. It is important that we remember the sacrifice of the 4,414 heroes who died on that day and the 156,000 troops who laid their lives on the line fighting for freedom.


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